PromoCentral, 24 years in promotional industry: it’s a matter of the product and people.

Selected Aiia design for clients: San Miguel Beer, Mead Johnson and more.

Managing director: Jeff Barreiro
Clients: San Miguel Beer, Mead Johnson and more.
Selected Aiia products: Noufos, SSSSSpeaker; Nota, and Duality.
Years in business: 24
Country: Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia.
Goal: MOQ 50 000 items - the world’s first augmented reality T-shirt Teemoji by Aiia.

PromoCentral is a veteran in the corporate gifts & promotional items industry. PromoCentral has been in this business since 1993, and built a solid reputation as a reliable vendor to top corporations with tough requirements. PromoCentral has been operating in Philippines for about 24 years. And recently opened the office in Indonesia and set up a shop in Singapore. The managing director of PromoCentral - Jeff Barreiro talks about how promotional business can stand out in the market and why it’s so important to focus on product and people in the industry.

For us it’s a matter of products and people.

In terms of products of course what we’d like to offer to our clients is fresh ideas and the latest products. Ones with the best features. Ones with the cool design. So we select products that can stand out on our market. The other way to stand out on the market is people. And that means our team. The way we reach the clients. Face to face. Through interaction. So we try to make regular visits. Especially to the regular clients.

Team work in the first key ingredient of the business success.

Although one person usually handles one account, we are aware that if we don’t work well as a team and other units of our company are not able to support the efforts and needs of our clients then we cannot win the orders. So one key ingredient will be a team work.

The second ingredient is focus.

We have strategy sessions. The important thing is to stay on track. We focus on our strategy and don’t get distracted. Especially in the world of giveaways. There is a universe of products out there. And also the universe of customers. Really, we must stay focused on our strategy to achieve the results.

The third, it’s a belief. We believe that we’ll succeed.

We build the foundation. Then we target new clients.

We work with certain list of clients. We serve them well. This is why they remain with us. We do need grow from that base. So how do we do that? By laying the foundations. That means, if we have a certain base of solid and loyal clients, we really must do well in serving these clients. We keep up our creativing, our account servicing. We make sure we are responsive to the client’s needs. Once we have a solid base of clients that we are able to serve it’s the only time we duplicate the expertise for other clients that we’re going to work with.

That means we don’t grow irresponsibly. For example we might target somebody like Coca Cola or Google, if our organization is not ready to serve such a big client than we won’t jump into it immediately. We’ll do it only when we’re prepared. This is our strategy. First we build the foundation. Then we target new clients. We ask ourselves first - how ready are we? When we feel we’re ready, we take the moves.

We always try to get as much information about the end user of the client as much as possible. For instance we supply gifts for the beverage clients. We want to know who will use this gifts.

Keep your eyes peeled for global and industrial trends:

1. There should be a balance between design, quality and the pricing. As for the global trends, everything that has to do with mobile is in demand. We always pay attention to that. There are some markets that react later than other markets. There are some markets that react fast on new trends. For instance Aiia has wonderful products with mobile applications. But while we’re aware of this trend we also need a lot of local research to find out if such trend will really catch on let’s say here in Philippines or in Indonesia.

Everything that has to do with the mobile surely will be in demand. But it also depends how it applies to the specific market.

2. In terms of products coming out in the industry, there is a great focus on the healthy lifestyle. The thing is we haven’t found a breakaway product for Phillipines and Indonesia. The trend is out there. People want to be fit. But in terms of massively catching product we don't see a breakaway product for now apart from trackers and water bottles.

The market is still lacking a healthy and fitness win product that EVERYONE will like.

Why PromoCentral selects Aiia design.

The first time I met Aiia in Hong Kong (I think it was three years ago), I was attracted by the product itself. Above this we’ve discovered that Aiia has great creative people. We love your creativity. We’ve also discovered that you’re hard working. You work fast and you work hard. You have a proactive approach. Most of all, we value Aiia’s сreativity and attitude.

“Most of all, we value Aiia’s сreativity and attitude.”

One of our clients San Miguel Beer - one of the oldest beer brand in the world - has been launching their dark beer called Cerveza Negra. They picked Aiia’s Noufos to give away to their VIPs. It was a hit! They had to order more.

Providing clients with a wonderful product that positively impacts their event or promotion campaign converts into goodwill and better business for PromoCentral. Our clients love the uniqueness and quality of Aiia product design.

One target we have now is to successfully distribute Aiia’s Teemoji - a promo T-shirt with augmented reality application that takes communication of any brand to absolutely new way. We want to find the right client and the right project to be able to meet the ideal MOQ of 50,000 pieces for an initial order. It is tricky. It is not easy. But the PromoCentral team is trying because we believe in this product and its value for the client’s brand.



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