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SUCCESS STORY 1: our interview insights with Justin Rizzello,
cofounder of The CHAOS Custom.

This is what we are sincerely proud of: the distribution companies as well as advertising and branding agencies that we work with got tremendous results and won such big brands as Amazon, Mastercard, Mercedes-Benz and more. We want to share these success stories to inspire you and give you specific ideas how to step up your promo distribution business. Check out our first story of our partner – The CHAOS Custom.

The CHAOS Custom cofounder and rebranding expert Justin Rizzello has kindly accepted our invitation to give an interview. Here's a selection of the most important insights on their successful business approach from Justin Rizzello.

Selected Aiia products for: COMCAST (a Fortune 500 company).
Target volume: Over 100,000 end-customers.
Years in the business: 3
Country: USA

1. You have to take the end-user into consideration.

It’s an opportunity. For instance, Comcast had to educate their front line in order to handle cyber awareness challenge which is now number one agenda right now worldwide. The goal was to incentivize the employees to retain the educational materials. We were looking for promo gifts that would keep them excited. The products had to have the high-end designer and the retail quality. In the long run, we've received tremendous feedback from the end users. Now it’s facilitating new orders for us. To sum up, if you don’t focus on the end-user, you’re wasting money.

2. I really feel that our asset is building a relationship with the customer.

Our approach is different than our competitors’ in the sense that we are not order takers and are more experts in what is out there. We take high consideration what’s in demand in the marketplace as well as listening what our client wants to convey. So we put together special packages. We don’t really take orders from our clients. We don’t have that sit back approach. We’re more push back. We have also a design team that can facilitate multiple different functionalities and create different assets for the companies. Everything from logo creation, color pallets to the whole nine yards. We do packaging. We’re more of one stop shop as opposed to just a promotional company. We’re more of a branding agency.

The proof is in the pudding. The products that we deliver our clients really tend to exceed the client's’ expectations. We only have a repeat business. Mostly through relationships. We have found great opportunities that way. Relationship building skills are best. This is why we’re continuing to grow and getting more divisions of Fortune 500 companies which is pretty exciting.

3. Listen to the marketplace as well as to the message what the client wants to convey.

Pay attention to global trends. For instance, we have an emerging young generation of entrepreneurs who are starting their own companies. One of their initiatives is giving back. For instance, one dollar per item goes for the rainforest – that kind of stuff. This philanthropic spirit might influence your marketing strategy.

Aside from that, the other trend that Aiia can help you with is design. Clean simple logos, shapes, and placements, etc. Apple made taken that aesthetic international, and has made clean design the norm. Also quality: If you deliver quality at a good price, people are sure to get interested!

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